Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another Case of Allergy

"Essential Oils are composed of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells, and some compounds in essential oils can even cross the blood-brain barrier" - by Dr. Axe

This particular allergy case is different. I am saying it's different because according to the parents of the sick, he is somewhat bewitched. A relative of this family is our friend and she told me the story. The family is selling grilled fish by the roadside and the costumers prefer the stall of this family. Their son was in-charge of the ingredients for the grilled fish. Maybe it is the sauce of the grilled fish that makes them different from the other vendors. The parents suspected that the other vendors became jealous and "maybe" one of them tried to hex the son.

One evening, the son felt itchy all over his body. He just ignored thinking that maybe he ate something that caused his skin to itch. However, the itchiness is getting worst and it is not only his body but until his scalp. The parents sent him to the hospital for treatment, the doctor gave him cream but the more it became worse. They sent the son to another doctor for a second opinion but the result is the same. Because of this, the parents suspected that their son was being "bewitched". The parents believe in witchcraft.

Due to excessive scratching, the skin starts to bleed and scales are beginning to cling to the skin. I was told without exaggeration that if he starts to scratch his skin, scales falling down from the skin is so thick that if the parents sweep the floor, the scales are really that much. The boy can't even sleep because the skin gets more itchy during the night.

When I heard the story, I gave the Aunt of the boy a bottle of Coco-Moringa Herbal Health Oil Mix. My friend gave to the boy's parents and they applied the oil to their son's skin. That first night of applying the oil, the boy slept well and did not feel any itchiness. After 3 days of application, the itchiness stopped and the scales is beginning to disappear. In about a week, the skin got healed.

I want to say something that I know regarding sensitive skin, based on my own experience. If our skin is sensitive, we need to avoid allergenic foods. 

My daughter is one example. She is allergic to eggs and chicken meat. I knew of some people who are allergic to same. Maybe, one of the reason is because nowadays, chickens are fed with pellets that contains chemicals. If a person is sensitive to such chemicals, it will surely affects the skin. 

My daughter, had her first menses earlier than usual, when she was only 9 years old, she is now 16 years old. She already had her pimples at that age. It was only mild then so I just ignored it thinking that it was only common for adolescence period, although at that time, she was only 9 years old so I can't call her yet an adolescent. 

When she was already 13 years old, pimples already occured in large numbers and they are already acne. I began to worry and even my husband. However, I noticed that more and more pimples occurred in her face and I began to worry. Even my husband, began to worry and pity her. Her acne formed like a cyst. It even spread at her back and some in her armpit and I can see the likelihood of further infection. A dermatologist examined her face and told her that the roots of her acne is already deep in her facial skin.

One day, we ate at a restaurant and she ordered a fried noodles mixed with half-cooked egg. I knew that she is already allergic to eggs but since she wants to eat that particular food, I just let her eat it. The following morning, I noticed that bigger pimples occurred in her face. I thought it will heal itself but I started to worry when more bigger acne occurred followed with a pus. She is now feeling insecure and she does not want to go to school because she is ashamed of her face. 

I thought of sending her to a dermatologist but I had a second thought. I know that dermatologist are specialized in skin problems but I thought of trying first a natural remedy. To be honest, I am afraid of the chemical reaction in her sensitive skin if she is going to be applied cream that contain some chemical compounds.

I applied the Coco-Moringa Oil. From the information I gathered in the Internet for Moringa's medicinal and nutritional properties, the natural antiseptic properties of the betel leaves, and the medicinal properties of the coconut that has been combined together, I believed then that this "might" help the problem of my daughter. 

Although I did not see an immediate result, not until after three weeks, I was not discouraged. I had been selling supplements for how many years and the first thing that I do first is to read its benefits, the healing process, the side effects (if any), and how long is the healing. Since, I have the knowledge that healing period depends on the body's condition of a person, I patiently waited for the result. Every night, I use cotton buds to apply the oil to her face and back where it is most affected. I applied thickly and I said to my daughter to just ignore the discomfort of sleeping with oily face. What's important is she must get rid of the acne that makes her insecure because of her appearance. 

Although the good result was only fully noticed after three weeks, she and I noticed that within  this period, although her face is oily, during the treatment period using oil, her oily face was gone. Her skin is improving, and the most that I noticed was that, the area where the acne occurred, one by one it disappeared without a scar or trace of acne in the skin. There I realized that the Oil, while treating the acne, at the same time, it rejuvenates the skin.  

I am happy now and of course my daughter, because her acne at her back and face are now gone. Of course, once in awhile she has her pimples before her menses and sometimes after, but it is just common pimples which naturally occur during her periods. Each time her pimples occur now, I just apply oil and after awhile everything is okey.

I just want to say that using natural remedy sometimes takes time, it just depends on our body condition. There are individuals that get immediate results, there are those that takes time. However, the good thing with natural remedy, we can be sure of no side effects. During the healing process, sometimes it becomes worse like what happened during the treatment of my daughter, but we should know that if that happens it means the problem is surfacing out before the skin is healed. Let's give our body a chance to heal itself if we are using natural remedy. After all, like what the doctors say and Dr. Josh Axe is one of them, "Food is Medicine"

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