Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Biodiversity and You - Chapter 13

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2013, Jennifer Corriero and Ping Ya-Lee, TakingITGlobal,   "The Youth Guide to Biodiversity" 1st Edition (Chapter 13) Youth and United Nations Global Alliance. Reproduced with permission.

Chapter 13. Verbatim.

Translucent butterfly in France.
© Zoe Hamelin (age 19)

After reading this guide and learning about the importance of biodiversity and the threats to biodiversity, get ready to take action on the issues that matter most to youYoung people around the world are leading successful projects to protect and restore the biosphere. Now it’s your turn to take action: learn the six simple steps that you can take to start an action project that will help to ensure that the world’s biological resources are protected for future generations.

Be inspired by case studies of a youth-led reforestation initiative in Kenya and an international network of young, organic gardeners recognised at the 2009 Global Junior Challenge in Rome, Italy
Read examples of many other projects that attendees of the Youth Symposium for Biodiversity are leading.
And find out more about the six simple steps that you can take to start an action project that will help to ensure that the world’s biological resources are protected for future generations

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